Sep 12, 2011

Tree Triming and Pinecone Fun

Our house backs a major street which is annoying on so many levels. We can hear the traffic, we live close to a fire station so we hear sirens all the time, and the stupid city that I live in decided to plant two big pine trees on the other side of the wall. Pine trees are one of the worst trees to have on the other side of the wall. I get a million pine needles and pine cones in my yard. I don't mind the pine cones since I know quite a few craft ideas for pine cones, but the pine needles are a pain in the rear.

So what can you do about a pine tree on the other side of the wall? If you thought trim the heck out of it, you would be right. My wonderful husband decided to trim our trees yesterday just as it was starting to rain. You'll appreciate the fact that it was raining when you see the pictures towards the end.
Tree 2 Before

For the branches that he couldn't reach with the ladder.

Now doesn't this look safe?

It's getting even safer-remember that it's raining?

He didn't get hurt while attempting to get all the dead needles off the tree.

Tree 2 after-Our neighbor was so happy we did this, she has a pool!

Tree 1 after

And the one of the pine cone air fresheners that Isabella made for her teachers.

I'm very happy that the trees are trimmed back and there are no pine needles in my backyard even with the rain we got last night. And I have lots of pine cones to make a cinnamon scented wreath. I'll post that when I get around to making it.

Oh and you first roll the pine cone in glue and then in cinnamon and nutmeg. Let it dry and tie a ribbon on it. Instant air freshener. You can also make a bunch and put them in a bowl as a center piece.


  1. Thanks for the cute pinecone idea! I might have to try that this year! :)

  2. About ten years ago, my husband was building a block wall, and the gentleman next door was trimming his pine tree. He was way up in the tree, and my husband told him to be careful because he might fall and die. The next day my husband went back to work on that wall, he found that that man had fallen out of the tree after my husband had left for home the day before. He died from the fall. My husband warned him. It's strange, my husband does get some premonitions. This wasn't the first time he warned someone.

  3. wow...looks much better after the trim! good job hubby!



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