Oct 12, 2011

Adventures at the Park

Taking my kiddos to the park is one of my favorite things to do. They get out of the house and run tons of energy off. I really like it when I only have the twins on Tuesday and Thursday since it's easier to keep track of two kids instead of three. 

They were fighting over who got up the stairs first.

He thought about taking a step down for 2 whole seconds.

I love this picture!

Now watch the background in the beginning of the video.

Before we left, Mark managed to get all muddy. He found water from the bush sprinklers and got mud on his jeans and shoes. Molly who was playing next to him, didn't get a drop of mud on her. He's really turning into a boy!


  1. Oh boy...boyz! LOL! Looks like so much fun...my kiddies love the park too! :)

  2. What is it with boys and trying to get as dirty as possible?


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