Oct 23, 2011

Can I Get Some Privacy?

There is a list a mile long listing things that no one tells you about before you become a parent. One of those things is that there is no such thing as privacy once you are a Mom. I say Mom and not a parent because in my house, Dad gets privacy. (WTF kids)

My three year old is learning all about privacy. She asks for privacy when she has to poop, which cracks me up. I love that she is perfectly fine with peeing in front of us, but she wants to poop alone. Fine by this mom, I'd prefer not to smell it. The little twin trouble makers are either too little to get the concept or they don't care. Although, it really might be a combination of the two.

Now there are a few times in my day when I would prefer not to have someone crawling all over me. One of those times is when I'm in the bathroom. If Isabella comes in all I have to do is ask for some privacy and she leaves and shuts the door behind her. I've heard her tell Molly "no Molly, Mommy wants some privacy, let's go into the family room." Gotta love big sisters!

So today Molly busts down the door while I was in the bathroom. I asked her for some privacy and she smiled and shut the door. Just as I was thinking that I was the smartest mother on Earth for teaching her kids about privacy the door handle jiggled. Then it turned down and the door flew open and hit my knee. There stood both of my twins laughing at me as I was whimpering in pain.

Lesson learned - Twins think that privacy = party in the potty.

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  1. Oh, I can totally identify with this! My three year old wants privacy when he's in the bathroom, but the instant I go in the bathroom, there's something he "neeeeeeds" from me.


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