Oct 3, 2011

Happy Anniversay to Us

Yesterday was my 7 year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that we have been married for 7 years and yet our wedding day seems like a million years ago. And it's not hard to figure out why.

In seven years I have; switched careers, went to grad school, went through infertility treatments, had a baby and retired from my new career, IVF again, and had twins 21 months after my first child was born. Brett stayed a little more tame, he started a business and then he folded the business but he is in the same field of work. I guess that is a tiny amount of change in seven years.

We started our day with church. I made the family pose for pictures before we left. They all hate that I do this, and I really don't care. One day they just might like our family photos.

I declare this photo a win, everyone is looking!

After church, Brett's parents met us at the house and we dumped the kids on them had them babysit. We headed up to Mt. Charleston to have lunch and take a hike to a water fall. It was a wonderful 70 degrees up there and it felt great! I love that we can drive for 30 minutes and find temperatures 20 to 30 degress cooler.

The waterfall is a little sad this time of year.

After our hike we headed back down the mountain and got ready for dinner. Thanks to their email club we had one free dinner at Texas de Brazil for our anniversary. We both ate about half a cow, said hi and bye to the three couples we ran into there (small world huh?) and then we needed to walk off our dinner.

It was a really nice day and evening and we ended the night in true Brett and Allison fashion-with a flat tire. We were laughing since Brett had a flat tire at least 3 times a week when we were first dating. I cannot tell you how many times he picked  me up for a date and we had to go fill up his tire. Who says you can't recapture your moments from the beginning of your romance?


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