Oct 17, 2011

If You Take a Kid Potty............

If you take a kid to the potty, she'll want to you to stay and talk.

If you stay and talk, she'll want some help washing her hands.

If you help her wash her hands, she'll want you dry them too.

If you dry her hands, she'll want her hair fixed.

If you fix her hair, she'll want a bow in it.

If you put in a bow in her hair, she'll want to get a bow for her doll too.

If you get her doll to put a bow in her hair, you'll discover your twins are up to no good. 


  1. Your kids crack me up! I have to say I'm jealous of the potty training and bow wearing though. I have such a hard time taking pics of Cakes to put in reviews because we're growing her bangs out and she refuses to put anything in it. She puts her headbands on her daddy (he's bald) or the dogs.

  2. HAHAHA!!! Ain't that the truth?! :)

  3. That is hilarious. And why? Because it's so true!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA...ok, I actually and physically LOL'd on this - didn't see that coming, but seriously funny! :)


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