Oct 3, 2011

Relaxing and watching some Big Bang Theory

Guest post written by Tasha Stephenson

I love Thursday nights, especially once all of my shows start coming on new again. So the past few weeks it's like I've been in heaven. It's just really too bad that I have to go to work on Fridays. Or Thursday nights would be even more amazing. The highlight of my every Thursday night right now is The Big Bang Theory. I've been watching that show since the very beginning of its time and I really love it.
I love to look up spoilers and just all kinds of reviews about the show. While I was online doing that like a week ago, I ran across some info on cable packages and decided to change over my cable service to one of them.
I always choose some type of takeout to get to eat while I'm watching the show. Last week I chose Chinese takeout, which is my all-time favorite. I think it's also funny that I love to eat takeout while I'm watching that show because all that you see them eat is takeout.


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