Oct 15, 2011

What Would You Do? Part 1

After you read this post you can vote in my little poll.  As I said on Friday, I was threatened to be arrested on Thursday. Here's part one of my story.

Thursday was a rough day. By 12:30 I was so done with my day that all I wanted to do was pick up Isabella from preschool and put everyone, including myself down for a nap. Isabella somehow sensed this exhaustion/bad day and decided to give me the cherry on top of my day.

Isabella's preschool has a drop off zone in front of the building. She goes to preschool on a college campus so it's a busy place. When I pick her up they try to run in all directions walk out to the car with me and Molly and Isabella stand on the curb while I put Mark into the car. Every other day before Thursday, they have stood nicely on the curb.

But since I needed a cherry on top of my crap day, Isabella decides to take off running with Molly. I yelled for them to freeze and they did. Then Isabella turned around, smiled and ran into the building with Molly where I could no longer see them.


And if it's not too much trouble, could you tell me why you selected your choice in the comments.


  1. I would have quickly grabbed Mark and followed the girls

  2. I would have grabbed Mark and went in after the girls. If you left Mark in the car, you could not see him while in the school and I'm big on NOT leaving kids in the car unattended.

    I hear too many horror stories about kids getting snatched from cars because they were left unattended. It can happen so fast.

  3. Neither - Like previous posters, I probably would have grabbed Mark and then tried to find the girls... was there anyone around like a teacher? If there was a teacher or another parent I knew nearby then I would have said 'can you watch him' and then run in.

    I'm sure the girls would have come back shortly though... right?

  4. Neither like everyone else. I would have got Mark back out of the car,then went to get the girls. Sorry you have had a bad time,but it is crazy how kids know when your having a rough day & do things to make it much worse..Hope things are going better...

  5. Neither I would have grabbed baby, and tore after the girls. Prime reason why I pack my kids in the vehicle this way. The Littles go in first. I help them in and close their door behind them. They know to get themselves settled into their seats while I put the baby in his seat. Then I put the stroller in while I watch them buckle themselves in. Yes, my children want to do it themselves, so why fight it. I just check to make sure they are in tight. This way no running children. My A just loves to run.

  6. I would have left the kid, locked the door, yelled at a teacher to watch him and go after the girls.

    I have 5 kids, so most likely I would have had at least three in the van with me. So they would only slow me down. So sue me, I'm a bad parent.

  7. I would have grabbed mark and ran after the girls...


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