Oct 24, 2011

WOW! What a weekend!

Do you have weekends like ours that are jam packed or totally laid backed? We had a fun, fantastic jam packed weekend. It all started on Friday night at Isabella's preschool Fall Festival. We had a great time and it was another reminder that we have left the baby stage of life.

Why search for treasure when you can eat a carrot?

Look at my cheater!

Molly and Isabella won at the cake walk.
Saturday morning Isabella had an 8am t-ball game. The kids were so tired from being up late but that's nothing a little food and running around can't solve. Isabella finally hit the ball without help this week! And Mark and Molly ran around the open field behind the baseball field. After the game we headed out to the park where Molly proved that she has no fear and that she doesn't know that she's one.

There wasn't a spotter for this picture.

Look at me Mom!
I've got this Daddy no need to worry!

Mark is laughing at this kid that fell off and skinned his knee.

After the park we went to Burger King for lunch and some more play. We wanted the kiddos nice and tired to take extra long naps since we were going to be up late again. It worked a little too well since we had to wake them up to get them dressed for the parties. Mark and Molly were not happy about getting into costume.
Our first party was my mothers of multiples club Halloween party. There were so many kiddos there and it was a ton of fun. Plus the food was great too, always a plus! Look at my sweet kiddos in their Halloween costumes.

Cupcakes are soooo delicious!

Even though Molly looked down, I love this picture since it shows off her hair.

After the LVMOMs Halloween party we headed over to a friend's party. The kids were slowing down but they perked up again. Candy has a way of doing that! Mark and Molly were too little to play the games, but they were fine spending their time running non-stop.

She freaked out when it was time to eat the doughnut since all the kids
screamed and I had to break it off for her.

Hitting the pinata.
Only my kid would pick up 3 pieces of candy and say all done!
And now for my favorite part!

I love her little hip roll!
Saturday night ended with blood curdling screams as I washed out the blue hair dye. I've never seen my twins so ticked off at me. It didn't help that it was almost 2 hours passed their bedtime. But all was well in the end and they fell asleep about two seconds after their heads hit the mattress.

On Sunday morning, everyone slept in a little and we went to church. They took long naps and we had a lazy afternoon. My cousin and her fiance came over for dinner. Isabella is going to be a flower girl in their wedding so was talked weddings most of the night. Except for the part where she said that they were moving to Australia after the wedding. So now I know we need to have them over more often while we can.

Are you exhausted yet from hearing about our weekend? I'm fully recovered from our weekend since my kids blessed their Mommy by sleeping in until 8:30am! They are the best kids ever this morning!


  1. Adorable costumes! What an exhausting but fun weekend!

  2. Wow! That is a jam-packed weekend! Sometimes we have ones like that too, but I honestly try to avoid them because I desperately need time to rest on my ever-too-short weekends.

    We really enjoyed hosting the LVMOMs Halloween party at our home and I'm so glad you came! Love the photos!!


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