Nov 13, 2011

Flower Girls, Freakouts, and Photo Booths!

My cousins wedding was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. For my family that couldn't make it to the wedding here is the video of Belly walking down the aisle.

She did so great  until......................

as Alex was approaching the alter my little girl screamed "I can't find my mommy! Where is my mommy? I need my mommy!" (With her hands covering her eyes BTW) I got her out of the church as fast as possible but she screamed long after we left the church. I finally got her calmed down and we went back into the church. She sat with us eating fruit snacks and then she decided that she was going to go stand with Alex.

She goes up to the alter and passes all the bridesmaids and maid of honor and proceeds to climb up the stairs and stands right next to Alex. (I guess she took my literally when I asked her if she wanted to go stand with Alex and Chris)  I am dying in my seat silently willing the maid of honor to grab my kid. She finally did and then Isabella came back to sit with us. I hope the photographer got a picture of it since I didn't since I was dying of embarrassment too distracted to think of it. In the end we got her to walk back up the aisle after the ceremony was over.

It really went OK all things considered, but thankfully Alex and her parents thought she was cute. Someone had to right? (Today it's kinda funny, but Friday night-not so much)

At the reception, Isabella figured out very fast that Alex was the important person and promptly became her shadow. They had a photo booth and I think Isabella is in at least half the pictures since she kept asking people to take pictures with her. And apparently no one had the desire or heart to tell her no. The photo booth was a ton of fun and a great idea for those of you who are planning a wedding.

I thought my mother in law would have to pick up Isabella since I didn't think she would make it to the end of the wedding. Boy was I was wrong! She danced the night away and she didn't want to leave at 10:45 when the wedding was over.

Of course I have a ton of pictures but I'll spare you and only share a few.

Waiting for the wedding to begin.

Of course this smart mommy brought lots of snacks!

She got in on the Father/Daughter dance. I wish I had the video
on for the look on her face when they invited her onto the dance floor-priceless!

We did lots of twirling!

Is there anything cuter than a Daddy and his daughter dancing?

Congratulations Alex and Chris!

This picture sums up the night-Alex and her shadow!

Our car ride home. She stayed awake for 3 whole minutes!


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