Nov 26, 2011

Free Birthday Dinners at Famous Dave's

Last night we went to Famous Dave's for Mark and Molly's birthday dinner celebration. Their dinner's were free since we are in their email club which was awesome. We had a great dinner and I got a few cute pictures. But just a few........
I'll start with my favorite picture. I love my guys!!

I'm not sure why I look surprised in this picture
Molly ate her dinner and dessert with the crayons in her hand.

I can't drop my crayons mommy

Ice cream is good to the last drop.

Our waiter brought Isabella ice cream when she looked sad after Mark and
Molly got some and she didn't. He earned a bigger tip for being so nice to her.

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  1. Cute pics!! I especially like the first one of your two men and the one of you and Molly, regardless of how surprised you may look! And of course she can't put crayons down to eat! HA! Love it!


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