Nov 20, 2011

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving w/ Albertsons

I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year-can I get an Amen? But that doesn't mean that I'm off the hook and not cooking at all. Or that I'm not buying a turkey this year. I am that person that likes to roast a turkey in January or February. (I just love real turkey sandwiches!) And since turkeys are cheap this time year, it's the perfect time to put one in the freezer.

So today I hit Albertsons with my massive list and coupons to stock up the pantry and freezer. Since the sales are great this week and I have a $10 off a $140 purchase, I'm using this week to do a massive trip. The first thing on my list was two turkeys. One to pop in my freezer and another to donate. And since Albertsons has their turkeys BOGO free it was a great deal!

Albertsons Turkey Deal
  • Minimum $25 purchase required (not including price of turkey) to earn free turkey
  • 10-24 lbs avg. wt., lower value identical item FREE
  • Valid on Honeysuckle or Farm Fresh Basted Frozen Turkey 
  • Offer ends on  11-24-11
  • Limit 1 free turkey can be earned per shopping trip
  • While supplies last; Some exclusions apply, see store for details
  • Southern California and Las Vegas area Albertsons stores
I am very happy that my sad little pantry and freezer are full again and that I had a pile of coupons to chip away at the bill. Just to brag, I got four boxes of Barilla pasta for $1! This is not a holiday related purchase, just too good of a deal to pass up. I just love saving money, and if you don't send it to me since you like to see money wasted.
So now I have everything to make stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner. And since my Thanksgiving meal wouldn't be complete without lefse, it's a good thing I have lefse too. If you don't know what lefse is that's ok, it just means you're not Norwegian. It's hard to describe lefse but it's similar to a potato tortilla. Growing up we only had it at Thanksgiving and Christmas since it's a pain in the rear to make. And now it just doesn't feel right not to have lefse during the holidays. So have no fear family, lefse is here. And I'm proud to say that my kiddos love it! (Brett not so much-weirdo)
This is lefse.
Spread on some butter and rolled it up and enjoy.

"Mom, I'm going to wait for Mark to try it first."

"Molly it's good, you can try it now."

"Molly she's trying to take our picture, stop smiling now!
Good work twin, good work."
 Happy Thanksgiving shopping everyone! I hope you go before Wednesday to avoid the crowds.


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