Nov 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

Our Halloween weekend began on Saturday when we went to a little local farm. The kids had a good time looking at the pumpkins and playing with the hay. But Isabella was not a big fan of the animals, she found a miniature horse especially scary. 

On Sunday night we carved pumpkins. I thought the kids would love taking out the pumpkin seeds, but Molly was not a fan. She refused to put her hand in the pumpkin but she would touch the seeds once they were out. Mark thought it was great fun and he took out the seeds with his hands while Isabella used a spoon. 

This is my little wise apple touching the rim of the pumpkin,
it was the closest we could get her to touching it.

Before we went Trick or Treating, we had eyeball casserole for dinner. Isabella told everyone we saw that we were going to eat eyeballs for dinner. The looks we got were priceless!

First lesson learned-always buy two cans of hair color! I ran out doing Mark's hair and then we did a frantic search for blue hair spray at 5:30! It was not a great way to start the night.

Mark's hair turned out awesome even with running out of blue!

Trick or Treat!

We went to see Nana at Trunk or Treat

Molly and Daddy

Daddy and Mark

Now when I was little Halloween was the greatest night of the year. You get to dress up and get free candy. Mark missed the memo. He threw a tantrum at every house. He was perfectly fine walking up to the door, but he flipped out the second we got to the door. You would think when he got candy that it would calm him down. Not so much. He was a little better at Trunk or Treat, but not by much. This next picture explains it all. 

So needless to say trick or treating was a little stressful. We told ourselves at the end of the night that next year will be better.


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