Nov 25, 2011

Happy Birthday M&Ms

It's hard for me to believe that it was two year ago that I was rushed into an emergency c-section and delivered my little M&Ms. One one hand it seems like a lifetime ago that I only had one kiddo on the other hand my babies aren't old enough to be two. I think all parents feel like this. I think the day to day life is long but the looking back on the month, year etc is super fast.
Mark 11/25/09

Molly 11/25/09

We woke up a little tired from our Black Friday shopping last night at Toys R Us. And we wanted to hit one more store on our way to my mom's house to pick up the kids so there was no messing around this morning. Once I had a brand new pair of running shoes purchased, we went and got our kiddos.

We headed to the park to have a good time on the swings and see the ducks. The kids made it 10 whole minutes at the playground before we went exploring the park. I've never seen kids so excited to run up and down hills before.

I would really hate it if all my kids looked at the camera.

I love that the ducks come right up to the kids.

After the park we went to Chili's for lunch. Our waiter was great! He had the kitchen split their burger into thirds for us which was very nice and I wonder why we've never thought to ask them to do it. (I order one adult burger instead of kid's meals-much cheaper) And he brought Isabella a shake so she could celebrate with Mark and Molly too. I thought that was so nice since it's really hard when you're the only sibling not celebrating a birthday.

Don't bother me, I'm drinking chocolate.

And now it is naptime (ahhh) and when they wake up we are doing presents and we are eating dinner tonight at Famous Dave's. They send your kids a free kid's meal on their birthday if you sign up for their email club. Can you figure out why we picked Famous Dave's for dinner?

So Happy Birthday to my big, giant, two year olds! I love you Mark and Molly and I'm happy to say that today I get to hold, kiss, and see you today unlike two years ago when I had to wait until you were three days old to see you. That little bit of knowledge makes this day so much better!


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