Nov 7, 2011

I'm sorry, but you must have lost your mind!

Last night Brett fell asleep during the Sunday night game. (football for those of you not in the know) This was a first for him considering it was early and it was a great game. I wasn't too surprised since we had a long weekend. When we went to bed this is how the conversation went.

Brett-I had a great weekend.
Me-WHAT??? Did you fall on your head?
Brett-No we had a good weekend.
Me-What part was great?
Friday night the kids were crabby and I had to hide in our bedroom from them for their safety. Then Molly caught whatever Mark had and started running a high fever at 9pm. Mark stayed awake for hours meowing and giggling in his crib. (little weirdo)

Saturday morning Molly's fever continued and the kids were crabby. They whined their was through two stores and then you unwisely thought we should go to Chili's for lunch. That went was well as I thought it would. After naps Molly's fever was even higher and we couldn't find a way to keep her happy. Then we added two more kids to to the mix since we were babysitting.

Sunday morning you looked like you were ready to sell them before we left for church at 9am since Mark pooped and peed everywhere in bed. They didn't take good naps and then Mark melted down in Albertsons making everyone stare at us. Between going to Albertsons and dinner Mark cried unless he was held by you.

WHAT part of all that was enjoyable to you?

Brett-Well when you put it that way, I want to kill myself.
Me-OK but I need the life insurance so make it look like an accident.


  1. Haha...I love when hubby's put a "positive" spin on life...meaning they just don't remember or didn't participate enought to know the full extent of the nightmare :)

    Have a great week!

  2. HAHAHA! I think I remember having this exact conversation!

  3. Awww maybe that nap during the football game made him forget how bad things were!


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