Nov 14, 2011

Mark and Molly's 2nd Birthday Party

My twins are about to turn 2 and it's making me sad. Not because I want them to be babies again but because I'm not ready for them to be 2. (I'm sure that only makes sense to a few of you) I had their party the day after my cousin's wedding since my family would already be here. This was not a good idea since I was exhausted. But since she's my only cousin, I'll never make have to make that decision again.

We had their party at the park and I was a little nervous about the weather. But as luck would have it, the bad weather cleared out a day earlier than expected and we had fabulous weather! This is our first park party and I have to say it was really easy. We grilled the hot dogs at home so no one had to man the grill. I heated up my crock pot so it would be warm and we wrapped the hot dogs in foil and put them into the crock pot. They were pipping hot 1 1/2 hours later when we ate them. It was a great idea and one that I'll use again. I loved not having to clean my house before and after the party and that it was easy clean up at the park-just throw everything in the trash!

They had a Thing1 and Thing 2 Birthday party!

I took 10 pictures and they never looked!

Yummy hot dogs!

Mark stole a few bites of frosting before we could sing to them.

We opened the presents at home.

Molly was more interested in the cards than the presents.
Until Isabella started playing with them-then everything changed.

A present from Papa-this thing is going to send someone to the ER
Thanks Papa-we'll send you the bill!

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  1. Happy birthday Mark and Molly! The park sounds like a great idea, and it looks like everyone had lots of fun! =)


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