Dec 29, 2011

Best List Posts of 2011

OK yesterday I picked my favorite posts from 2011. I had a really hard time picking just one post from the month as my favorite. And I noticed a trend, there were categories of my favorites. So instead of picking only one, I decided to pick a few from different categories. Today's category-Lists. For some reason I make a lot of list posts. In no particular order here are my favorite list posts of 2011.

10 Things you Should Never say to a Mom of Twins
This list applies to triplet moms, quad moms, etc.

Top 10 Stupid Questions/Statements I Say as a Parent
If you've ever caught yourself saying something stupid to your kids you'll relate to this post. And if you don't say stupid things, please tell me your method so I'll stop.

Why I Would be the 1st Person Voted off Survivor
I love watching Survivor, but I would never make it far enough in the game to be on the jury let alone win the million dollars.

What I'd do Differently
I think all moms will agree that there are so many things that they would do differently if they could.

Why I Won't Be Mom of the Year
Ever, ever, ever, ever! No really, never.

Many Reasons Why Chocolate Pudding is Great
How could you not love a post with baby pudding faces?

What do Babies and Drunks Have in Common?
As it turns out they have a lot in common.


  1. Love the recap of favs.... I think my favorite is the - Why I won't be Mom of teh Year.... LOL


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