Dec 30, 2011

Date Night Ideas

Brett and I made a commitment to have weekly date nights when the twins were born. Our life was so hectic and we realized how easy it would be for Brett and Allison to get lost in the roles of dad and mom. But with three small children at home going out for dates is not possible. Forget the fact that almost no one wants to babysit three kids under the age of two, we flat out can't afford it. So we got creative instead and began a tradition of Friday date night at home.

Most of our friends and family don't get how we can have a date at home. Well as it turns out, it's pretty easy and we really look forward to Friday nights. Brett and I take turns planning date nights so we get surprised with our date. I thought I would share some of the ideas that we have done if you would like to try out date nights at home with your honey.

We always start by eating dinner just the two of us. Sometimes we cook and sometimes we get takeout. We've steamed whole Lobsters and we've picked up Taco Bell, that's the swing in fanciness on our date nights. But just the luxury of eating a meal without interruption is wonderful no matter what you are eating. After dinner we do an activity, here are some of our ideas.
  • Movies
  • Taking a walk-we have a tiny little circle we can walk around outside.
  • Board games
  • Talking (it's amazing how much we miss during the week)
  • Play pool (we have a pool table that rarely gets used)
  • Swim (we need a hot tub!)
  • Massages
The last one is a personal favorite of mine. There is nothing like a massage that will take the stress from our hectic week away. We light some candles, get the lotion out, and relax. And of course you need some massage lotion if you are truly going to enjoy the experience.

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Disclaimer-I will receive a gift card to EdenFantasys in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Great ideas! Good for you guys for doing this! I am definitely implementing some of these ideas too =). Thanks for the tips!


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