Dec 7, 2011 Review and Giveaway

My kids are still young enough that Santa is real to them without any doubts. I'm not looking forward to the time when they stop believing in the magic that is Santa Claus. And I know that kids start to question Santa once they hit school age. And like many parents in this delimina, they want a way to keep the magic alive for just one more year. But how can you do that?

Enter Magical Santa to the rescue to parents. This website will send your child a letter from Santa. You write the letter so it has personal information that will help your child believe in Santa. Imagine the look on your child's face when he/she receives a shiny red letter from Santa. Here are some of the details about Magical Santa

From your child's perspective:
    The letter is signed by hand
    The signature is not from mom or grandma
    Return label says North Pole
    Postage stamp says North Pole
    Shiny gold seal of authenticity
    The letter talks about only things Santa could know
    Bright red metallic envelope addressed to the child

From a parent's perspective:
    No "boxed-in" or restricted feeling - Say whatever you need to say 
    No character count limit - Say how much you want to say
    Many extras to choose from:
    Magic Key (if you don't have a chimney)
    Good list certificate
    Elf Friendship Bracelet
    Letter from Rudolph
    Magic of Christmas preserved
My Experience

I ordered my Santa letter today. It was very simple and easy to make. There is a template so you don't have to start from scratch if you don't want to. I used the template as a starting off point and then I added some personal information about my kids. Santa told Mark how proud he was of Mark's progress with his therapy. For Molly, he said that she was working very hard on sharing toys with her siblings. And Santa told Isabella that he was proud of the great job she is doing in school. 
I love that I could include the personal information about my kiddos. It makes the letter special and personal. The last thing I would want my child to get is a cookie cutter letter. And since I can keep the letters to show them in the future, they'll see a history of Santa sending them a letter. This will help keep the magic alive for my kiddos when they get to the point of questioning if Santa is real.
I like that Magical Santa doesn't restrict the length of your letter or charge you extra to say more like all the other companies do. I also like Santa can send my kids a magical key to open the front door since we don't have a fireplace. That is an element of the Santa story that will be tough to explain to my kids. And for those of you who are spending Christmas away from home, Santa can tell your kids that he'll visi them at Grandma's, Aunt's or whomever's house your going to be at on Christmas morning.
Buy It
You can purchase a letter through Letter packages start at $14.99. There are several items that you can add on to your letter. Note-your credit card will be charged from WEBMOMMIES. The last day to place your order is December 20th by 10am.
One Twingle Mommy reader will win a 50% off discount code. This contest is open to US residents and only entries on the Rafflecopter form will count.  


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