Dec 5, 2011 Beauty Tips Post

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I have a very simple beauty routine for my everyday life. But when Brett and I go out, I like to get all gussied up for my rare night out. But with three kids under the age of four it's not like I have a lot of time to get all fancy. So even my night out on the town beauty routine needs to be quick and easy. And I thought I would share some of my small changes to my routine with all of you.

One thing that I think makes my look change is making my eyes more dramatic. It's a small change that doesn't take much time, but it makes a big impact. I like to apply a pastel pink eye shadow as a base to my lids. Then I apply a gold metallic eye shadow to my lower lid which makes my eyes look shimmery. Finally I apply two coats of mascara to make my blonde lashes visible. These steps make a dramatic look without me feeling like I have a ton of makeup on.

The other big change I make to my appearance for a fancy night out is my hair. I have stick straight hair that normally is in a ponytail or just brushed and air dried. This makes pretty much anything that I do to my hair special. But I love to make my hair curly. Not perm curly, just some nice large curls. To get a curly look without looking like a beauty contestant, I make pin curls. For those of you who have never made pin curls, they are very easy. You just wrap your hair around the curling iron and hold it for a few seconds. When you release your hair you want to hold it with your fingers so you can put a bobby pin through it and hold it in place on your scalp. Pin curls make your hair curly without being over the top.
A picture in case my directions weren't the greatest.

I have attempted to make my hair wavy in the past and it hasn't turned out very well. I have a very hard time keeping my hair wavy, it seems to go straight too fast or it gets too curly. I went to and on their homepage is a great video on making water waves.

I didn't realize that I was doing it wrong before I watched this video. I always close my curling iron wand when I’m trying to make my hair wavy. So I thought I would try it out the way the hair dresser is doing it in the video.

PS-It's hard to take a picture of your hair by yourself

What do you think? I thought my hair turned out pretty good. It didn't take very long and I'm sure I'm going to impress my husband tonight when he sees my hair done on a Monday.

I have one last beauty tip for all the moms out there. Do your hands ever get chapped or dry spots on them? Lotion is not the best tool to take care of chapped skin, I use diaper cream instead. It works really well and with two kids in diapers, I always have some around the house and in my diaper bag. Try it this winter and see how fast your skin heals.

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  1. I had no idea that's how you make those waves!!! Thanks for posting that video! It was really helpful in understanding how to do it, though I was annoyed with the model. I mean, did she look like she was completely bored and being held there with a gun against her head???

    Oh and diaper cream for chapped hands?? Brilliant!!


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