Dec 28, 2011

My Favorite Posts of 2011

I thought I would look back on my year of blogging and find my favorite posts of the year. For today I picked one post for every month.

January-Did You Really Just Say That?
This post is a fine example of Isabella's type a behavior.

February-Different Mommy Moments
I like this post since I think it can apply to all moms.

March-Sunday FUNday
I like this post since it's a great snapshot of our weekends.

April-Best Day Of My Life
Hands down, the winner of the year let alone the month. And it's not because my writing was super awesome or witty but because it really was the best day of my life.

May-This is the Last Time
I picked this post since it was my first creative writing blog post.

June-When Did it Become Wrong to Have Gender?
I really loved the feedback from this post! The comments that were emailed to me instead of put on my blog were the best.

July-Stop the Madness and Sexulation of Girls
Another great feedback post! I'm very passionate about my girls not getting their worth from their looks.

August- What is a Man?
Man I just got all fired up again rereading this one! It still chaps my hide!

September-Puke Ends the Weekend
This was a tough month to make a choice, but in the end I'm just so proud of my song that I had to pick it. I "wrote" the song as we drove home in a puke smelling car.

October-Why Moms Need to Take Time for Themselves
I think it's probably obvious why I like this post so much.

November-I'm Sorry but you Must Have Lost Your Mind
This post is a look at our weekend through my eyes instead of my husband's eyes. He's a little more glass half full than me when it comes to our kids.

December-CP Connection:The Dreaded Comment
I like that some CP mom bloggers are linking up together to talk about their experiences with CP.

OK it was really hard to pick these posts. So difficult that I'll be doing a few more favorite posts in the next few days.


  1. The I'm Sorry Have You Lost Your Mind Post was awesome!! Thanks for linking up ;)

  2. The best day of my life post truly made me get all goose bumpy! WHat a year!!


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