Dec 29, 2011

Science Diet Review

About Ideal Balance
Science Diet Ideal Balance is an all natural dog food that has chicken as it's number one ingredient. It contains fruit and veggies and is proven to improve your dog's coat. And best of all, there is no corn in the dog food=less filler.

My Review
Since I am not a dog, I cannot tell you if the Science Diet Ideal Balance dog food tastes good. I’m just not going to taste it even in effort to review a product. But I will tell you that my dog ate it on the first try. She can be picky when we change her food and pick at it for the first few days. But Sierra ate the Science Diet on the first try. So I have to assume that it tastes good-you know since I’m not going to try it.

And as the pooper scooper in the house, I can tell you that my 100 pound dog did poop less on this brand of dog food. That is a huge win in my book, although less is a relative term when your dog weighs in at 100 pounds. I think the dogs poop less on this formula since it is not filled with fillers.

Disclaimer-I received a bag of dog food as a Buzz Agent in exchange for this review. No further compensation was provided and all opinions are mine.


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