Dec 6, 2011

Why Won't My Kids Cooperate???

Saturday morning was freezing cold here in Las Vegas. It just so happened to be Isabella's last t-ball game since her league thought it would be a good idea to have a game in DECEMBER! I'd really like to know what genius was in charge with that decision. Oh and her game was at 8.A.M. (Did you hear my annoyance, I don't want you to miss it.)

So we bundled up the kiddos and headed out to the high school for her game where the wind was blowing like crazy. As soon as we opened the doors, the kids started crying. They were not thrilled about being in the cold. Once we got to the dugout things were better since the wind was blocked. Three whole kids showed up for the game, all from our team. The other team didn't show up so we braved the weather for nothing. (Can you hear the irritation?)

So we went home and since we were still freezing we decided to get cozy under blankets and watch Toy Story 2. Now doesn't that sound like fun? Brett and I thought it would be so much fun to pop popcorn and watch a movie as a family. And since our kids love Toy Story, we thought it would go over like gangbusters. And you would think that my kids would be thrilled over watching a movie in bed with mom and dad.

We're saying Toy Story 2!!!!!!!

They didn't want to make room for Daddy

Our little stinkers stayed in bed watching the movies for a few minutes and then they were off and running. Why watch a movie when you can climb all over your mom and hurt her with your tiny little hammers hands and feet? Why won't my kids cooperate and watch a movie? I'm so jealous of my friends who have kids that will snuggle on the couch and stay put.

Sometimes you just can't win as a parent. In about 10 years, I'm going to be yelling at them to get off the couch and play so maybe I should enjoy it.

Nah, I'll just complain both times.


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