Jan 9, 2012

Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

It was a sad, sad morning in my house today. I went into my daughters' room and found Isabella's crib empty. Sniff, sniff, my daughter has finally learned how to climb out of her crib. I had a good run seeing as how she turns four next month, but it is a sad day for me. I can't keep her contained anymore.

And my little discovery set our day into a bad tail spin. I didn't mention that Molly was naked and peed in the bed. Isabella and Molly were in the process of exchanging pjs when I found them. To make matters worse, Mark wiggled out of his diaper and pee was everywhere. (I'm not sure how he did that with his pjs on.) Thankfully it's Monday and I wash our sheets today so it wasn't all bad. But pee soaked sheets just set the tone for the day. The kids were so grumpy and someone definitely peed in their Cheerios today.

By lunch time I knew I had to do something to turn it around. I made some sugar cookies while they ate lunch. Thank you bake and break cookies for your quick and easy cookie making time. I had the girls help me make pudding before lunch, a diversion that didn't work very well by the way. (Picture two little girls fighting over stirring the pudding.) And I decided to use the pudding as frosting so they could decorate their cookies with sprinkles. I thought the sprinkles would make everyone happy and extend the cookie eating time.

Mark couldn't be bothered to put on sprinkles. He just wanted to eat the cookies.

Look Molly ate some cookies with her sprinkles!

The cookies with sprinkles put everyone in a better mood! I'm so glad they snapped out of their bad moods since I was ready for a nervous breakdown by lunch time. Oh and you just have to laugh at the outfit Isabella chose for herself today!

This outfit made my morning brighter!


  1. How sweet! I had one of those days too!

  2. Holy pee Allison!
    Great idea with the sugar cookies, glad it turned the mood around!!


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