Jan 16, 2012

How You Know You're Getting Older

I lie about my age. There, I've admitted it out loud and online. It's not that I think I'm fooling anyone, it's that in my head I'm still closer to 20 than 40. So I tell people that I'm 27 and I'm keeping my real age to myself. But every now and then it dawns on me that I'm not as young as I think I am. You may have had a few of these moments yourself.

You know you're not as young as you think you are when..........
  • You realize that almost all the professional athletes are younger than you.
  • The waiter pissed you off last night when he called you ma'am (or sir)
  • The same waiter laughs when you ask him if he needs to see your ID.
  • If you've ever said, "when I was younger" or "back when I was a kid"
  • The thought of going out at 11pm seems ridiculous since that's past your bedtime now.
  • You've said to someone "I could never drink as much as I used to"
  • The garage fridge is for extra milk and sodas not beer.
  • And speaking of milk, you buy six gallons at a time without any fear that it will expire.
  • You pick up a People magazine and you don't recognize half the celebrities in it.
  • (This one is from my mom) You say "Hey, who's that old lady in the mirror?"

Did I miss your sign for how you knew you're not as young as you think you are?


  1. LOL! I had a similar experience this past weekend when I realized that everywhere I went people where younger than me and I thought when did this happen? At least I work with older adults, so they still think I am young.

  2. oh ..but life is so much better as we age! smarter, wiser, richer, no one is pushing me around!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!


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