Jan 12, 2012

Life as Seen Through Molly's 2 Year Old's Eyes

A morning in the life of Molly-seen through her eyes.

Woo hoo! Man that was an awesome night's sleep! It's so great sleeping for 12 hours, much better than 11 hours like last night. All right mommy, come and get me out of my crib! I'm ready to rock and roll. HELLO!!! I'm calling for you, come and get me already.

Why does mommy look so tired? She's mumbling and complaining that it's too early to be awake. Hello mommy, the sun is up, it's not too early! Let's get this day going!

I want to wear my polka dot jacket! I'm pointing to it for a reason. Sweet, she got my jacket down. Now I'll be nice and warm. Um mom, you forgot to zip up my jacket, you know that I only wear my jackets zipped. Don't forget my flower bow mom! I need a bow for my four strands of hair.

Oh man, we're having scrambled eggs again? I don't really like scrambled eggs, not that you noticed by the fact that I only eat half of my eggs every time you make them. Um hello! I signed more like 5 times but you were too busy putting the dishes away to notice, that is why I threw my cup on the floor. I needed to get your attention. Why am I being disciplined when you were the one not paying attention to me?

I don't want to share my toys and they're all mine! Why are you telling me that it's Mark's toy? I took it from him, that makes it mine!!! Why is it wrong for me to take it from Mark, but it's OK for you to take it from me?

I know we just ate breakfast 90 minutes ago, but I'm starving! That's why I got into my chair and if you don't give me a snack soon you'll be sorry. I may be little, but my lungs are strong. Sweet! She's giving us raisins for snack. You know for someone who complains that I poop too much, she sure gives me a lot of fiber. You would think she would understand the relation between poop and raisins.

Mooooommmmmmyyyyyyyyy I want you to play with meeeeeeeeeeeee! I don't care that Mark needs his daily physical therapy, I want to play! I'm important too. See, I brought you my book to read so read to me!!!! I wonder if I throw myself on the floor and have a tantrum if she'll stop playing with Mark???

I'm in timeout. How did that happen? I just wanted to play. Stupid Mark, I'm going to hit him later to get back at him for this.

Oh so now you want to play with me? Well too bad, I'm going to play in my room with Isabella. OK I'm over it, lets play dollies. I love my mommy.

Thank goodness it's lunch time! I'm starving......it's been 60 whole minutes since snack time. I have the best mommy ever! She made macaroni and cheese for lunch! Why does she keep telling me to eat my broccoli? I don't want broccoli, I want more mac and cheese. If I wanted broccoli, I would have eaten it. More mac and cheese! More mac and cheese! More mac and cheese! More mac and cheese!

Ew, ew, ew, ew, I hate having my face and hands cleaned. Stop it! Why can't you see that I hate this? Whew! It's over, now it's time to play. Now where did I put that toy that mommy finds annoying? You want to clean my hands? Fine, then I'm going to make the train go off until it makes you so crazy that you put it on the top shelf. Don't worry, daddy will get it back down for me, he can't say no to his little girl.

Lets play toys! This train is boring, now for the cars. No more cars, on to the balls. Oooo the pirate ship. The Dora book! Woody! Buzz! Pirate ship! Cars! Train! Balls! Books! Puzzles!

Mommy just said something. What did she say? Oh no! Run! She just said the n word. Not the n word! I hate the n word!

Run faster you can beat her! She just said it was nap time. I don't want to take a nap! Dang it! She found me hiding in her room. Why does this lady think I need a nap? Oooo my Minnie is in my crib! I love my Minnie. Wait, mommy left and I don't want a nap. Why am I forced to take a nap everyday?

OK fine, I guess I'll take a nap. I am a little sleepy afterall.


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