Jan 5, 2012

My Girls Act a Little Too Much Like Twins Sometimes

I love having twins most of the time. It's a very unique parenting experience that only other multiple parents understand. That being said, I think my girls act more like twins than my actual twins do. Allow me to explain.

Molly now gets naked during every.single.nap.

Isabella did the same thing-notice the duct tape? That's because she didn't stop with the clothes.

For some reason whatever weird, naughty, or cute behavior Isabella had at 2, Molly now does. Not Mark, just Molly so maybe it must be a girl thing. And since we are now at the age of monkey see, monkey do, Isabella copies Molly now too. 

Molly started this new pastime in the car. It might make me nuts.

I love how close my girls are, I was a little nervous when my twins were born that Isabella would get left behind since twins are so close. But my worries are gone now that my girls are such great friends! So is it just my kids or did your kids do the same thing at the same age?


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