Jan 2, 2012

OK Maybe Vegas Isn't so Bad

I really don't like living in Las Vegas. I think this is something that many people who live here can relate to. The thing that I hate the most is how temporary this city is, this fact is made worse by living near so many Air Force people. I hate looking at Isabella's first birthday party pictures because I see how many of my friends have moved away. She had 15 friends at her party and only 3 of them still live here. That just sucks since lets face it. their mommies were my friends the kids just played around each other.

But there are some perks to living in Las Vegas. The stores here are always open, restaurants are opened late, (something that was nice in my prekid life) and there is a park on every other corner. But I have to say that the biggest perk to living here is the weather. I love that it isn't that cold here in the winter. On Saturday we went to the park with just long sleeved t-shirts on. We had such a great time playing in the park after being house bound for a week with a terrible cold.

Molly is such a lover!

Isabella now lives in this shirt! I wash it three times a week.

He's such a boy! Mark is the only one that played in the dirt.

The leaves fell late this year.

This just might be my favorite picture of 2011.
You would never know that we are in Las Vegas.

So maybe living is Las Vegas isn't so bad. You just have to love getting to play outside on Dec 31st without wearing a jacket!

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  1. Nice! Playing outside New Year's Eve without a coat?!?! This Nebraskan is jealous! Super cute picture of the kids playing in the leaves - love it!


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