Jan 4, 2012

Rice Krispy Treat Fun

I watched my friend's kids today so she could get a break. She's 38 and a half weeks pregnant with her third child and as you can imagine she is very tired and not feeling so great. I was happy to help out and planned a fun snack for the kids to keep everyone happy.

I made Rice Krispy treats for the kids. My girls helped me stir the marshmallows. 

After we made the treats, I poured a little into my creme brulee dishes so each kid had their own dish. Then the fun began when the kids got to decorate their dessert with sprinkles. I think they had more fun decorating their Rice Krispy Treats than eating them. Well except Mark who only wanted to eat them and couldn't wait for the sprinkles. But no worries, Isabella gave him a few since and I quote "they taste better with sprinkles."

This snack kept the kids in one place and quiet for 30 minutes. Score 1 for Mommy!


  1. What a great idea to have individual bowls!

  2. What a fun idea and 30 minutes - that's a treat for you!


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