Jan 19, 2012

Sneaky, Sneaky

One of the great things about being a mommy blogger is that your kids will supply you with material when you're at a loss for a topic. Today was one of those days for me.

I never thought we would get to the sneaky phase so quickly when I was a new mom.

Isabella is starting to try to trick us, only she is 3 and we are far smarter than we look so it doesn't work very well for her. She's tried to hide books under her shirt so she has a book in bed to read. She also likes to try to convince us that she needs more "friends" in bed with her at night and will hide them under her covers.

But tonight she took the cake with her new sneaky behavior.

I was getting the kiddos ready for bed tonight and I was changing Mark's diaper. I told Isabella to go potty while I changed Mark. Suddenly she goes flying into her room saying that she needs to go to bed. I found her in her crib with a smirk on her face. I thought something was up, since she was acting a little off. I asked her if she went potty thinking that maybe she didn't go and that was the reason behind the smirk. She assured me that she went potty.

But the smirk remained.

I put Molly in her crib and went to tuck Isabella under her blanket and she moved up on her pillow. It seemed like she was trying to hide her pillow from me.

Are your spidey senses working yet?

So I look under her pillow and I found her Leapster! The look on her face was priceless! She couldn't believe that I found her Leapster, that is how sneaky she thought she was tonight! It was everything in me not to laugh at her. How could I possibly be mad at her for doing this? It was so stinking cute and a look into my future with her.

I did tell her that she's not allowed to have toys in her bed and I took it away. Then I gave my girls a stern warning about staying in bed since Isabella kept climbing in with Molly last night and getting naked. It was a long night and I was dreading bedtime since I anticipated another round of musical cribs. But I can report that they are asleep, clothed, and in their correct cribs as I type.

And the Leapster? Well it's in timeout for the next day. I may not be able to be mad, but I surely was able to discipline her.

One of her first sign of sneaky behavior-she hid her sunglasses during nap time.

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  1. Ha! funny...it is amazing how they think we don't know whats going on one minute then the next they are asking for your help for everything....but then when they are teenagers all of a sudden we lose ALL knowledge of everything!


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