Jan 16, 2012

To Paint or Not to Paint....That is the Question

Brett bought our house a year before we were married. We both thought that we would live here for a few years and then upgrade to a bigger home. Because of this, we didn't put a whole lot of extras into the house and most of our cabinets and fixtures are pretty basic. So now we are in the process in making a few little changes that don't cost a whole lot of money.

Brett has promised me that he will finally paint the bathroom and put in the new fixtures that we bought a year ago. (Ladies if you marry a contractor, they will never work on your house in a time frame that suits you, trust me.) So my bathroom project will finally be finished and I can move on to my kitchen project.

Since I have the basic standard kitchen cabinets, I'm thinking about painting them and adding some handles. But I can't decide if that will make them look better or like painted standard cabinets. So of course while I've been thinking about my bathroom and kitchen remodeling plans, I've been looking online for ideas. I've found lots of great ideas but I still can't decide about my cabinets.

So if you've painted your cabinets, did they turn out well? And would you do it again?

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  1. When we moved to our first house, the previous owner had painted the cabinets black, then we painted them a different color. I don't know how the cabinets were with 1 coat (this was years ago), but with multiple coats the paint bubbled and pulled off like a sheet of plastic. It was a mess.


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