Jan 8, 2012

Trave Sized LockMed Lockbag Giveaway

I was contacted by LockMed to do a giveaway of their Lockbag. I wasn't interested at first since I thought it wasn't a product that I would use or need. And then life decided to slap me in the face with a little bit of reality.

I walked into my kids' bathroom to find my 3 year old with a mouth full of vitamins and an empty bottle in her hands. I went into a panic trying to remember just how many vitamins were still in the jar. I was pretty sure that there were only about 20 vitamins in the jar and I immediately called poison control. After the operator assured me that my daughter was going to be fine, she told me that about 80 percent of her calls about toddlers are about getting into medicine or chemicals. And here I thought child proof locks worked.

After I calmed down, I remembered the email I had received from LockMed and I decided that yes in fact I do need their product. It's funny how life works sometimes isn't it? And a month later, I'm still shocked at how many toddlers get into medicine on a regular basis.

Even if you have children who are old enough to understand that medicine is not candy, there is still a high danger in not locking up your medications. With over 3 million teenagers abusing prescription drugs, every parent needs to lock up their medications. Trust me, I'd much rather be safe than sorry. I try not to think about what could have happened if she got into something besides vitamins.

About LockMed

LockMed sells lock boxes for your medications. In addition to the travel bags, they have different sized boxes with combination locks on them. You can also buy a large box that requires a fingerprint to access the medications. LockMed classifies their products with a security clearance level so you can pick a product that fits your needs. 

Buy It

You can purchase a LockMed lock box or bag directly through their website. Prices start at $19.99, which is very little money for piece of mind.

Win It

One lucky winner will receive the travel sized lock bag with key. It's perfect for storing your medications when you are on vacation. And since I do not keep very much medication on hand, it fits all my medications in it. This contest is open to US resident over 18.

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