Feb 8, 2012

Do You Ever Have One of Those Days????

Yesterday I had one of those days. You know the one where the day starts off right but by evening you're ready to quit your job. Only you can't quit since being a mom is the one job you can never quit.

Today I needed to have a better day. I don't want to be the overwhelmed mom that doesn't enjoy her time with her kids. I want to be the overwhelmed mom that enjoys her time with her kids. Because let's face it with three kids under the age of four, not being overwhelmed is not an option. And what was my genius plan to keep the kiddies happy? Glad you asked, this is what we did this morning.

Play in the backyard (45 mins, a new record!)
Get Dressed
Dora (so I can shower)
Circle Time (30 mins-another record!)
Push Toy Racing (Molly won)

And then I decided that I wanted to keep the good times rolling. So I loaded up the kids in the car and we went to Taco Bell to pick up some lunch. Then we headed to the park to eat our lunch and play. The weather was gorgeous today! And eating outside and burning off some more energy is just what this mommy needed today.

Mmmm nachos!

Mark has nacho cheese in his eye lashes


Molly took her shoe off about 10 times. Why?
My little type A can't handle gravel in her shoes for 1 second.

We spent a hour and half at the park and we had a great time. Oh and I learned something new today. Nacho cheese acts like glue on little hands and faces. So when your kids eat nachos and then cinnamon twists the cinnamon/sugar is extremely hard to get off! Lesson learned-next time I'll clean off the nacho cheese before we eat dessert.


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