Feb 14, 2012

How to Make Bacon Roses

It's Valentine's Day and that means I have the dreaded task of figuring out an appropriate gift for my husband. And this year instead of trying to buy a gift, I decided to make him something instead. Brett and I have a tradition of making a lobster dinner and enjoying a nice bottle of wine on Valentine's Day for dinner once the kids are in bed. It's a really easy meal so it doesn't feel like work. (trust me, it's harder to make meatloaf than lobster) And since I make whole lobsters exactly one time a year, it's really special.

The kids all made their Daddy something special. Isabella bought Daddy a box of chocolates. Molly made a homemade Valentine, and Mark made him dynamite sticks with a note that says "My Daddy is the BOMB!" I took pictures but they turned out terrible.

Those are Rolos.

But I did go all out this year on Brett's present. We never buy each other very much for Valentine's Day which is one of the reasons he is hard to shop for. I've never made a big deal about the holiday since it's my mom's birthday and that was always the focus growing up. We normally exchange cards and call it a day. But this year I made him bacon roses!

Who says there is no such thing as manly roses? It's not too late to make them for the man in your life. All you need are some fake roses with the flower removed, a mini muffin pan, and bacon.

1. Roll the bacon into a flower. You'll want to use bacon that is on the thin side so it cooks all the way through without burning on the outside.
2. Place each bacon flower in a mini muffin pan.
3. Cook in a 350 oven. Remove from oven every ten minutes and drain the grease.
4. While the bacon cooks remove the fake flowers from the stem. Be careful so you keep the middle stem from falling off. This stem in the middle is what will keep the bacon rose from falling off.

They take about 30 minutes to bake. Once they've cooled, you place them on the flower stem. Easy peasy! I can't wait to see the look on Brett's face when I give him his roses!

Update - He loved them!


  1. Oh Dear Heaven I am SOOOO going to have to do this! :)
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  2. This is the *best* idea!!! I loooove bacon! I


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