Feb 22, 2012

Isabella Turned 4

Yesterday was Isabella's birthday and now I have a big four year old. I'm sad that I can no longer say that I have three kids under four. It's just not the same thing saying I have three kids under 5.

We had a great day and it all began with a breakfast celebration. I let Isabella pick the menu and she came up with ham and cheese omelets, Cheerios, raisins, and sausage. I put candles in her omelets and she was very excited and sang the birthday song through the entire breakfast.

After breakfast she wanted to play outside and I was happy to grant that request. They played with sidewalk chalk and bubbles for a hour. It always amazes me how long my kids will stay outside if I give them sidewalk chalk.

We headed to McDonald's for lunch. We had a bad experience there with a mom who was too busy on her laptop to discipline her kid. Said kid pushed Molly off the slide and gave her a black eye.

Like the good mom that I am, I instantly took a picture.

I was very impressed with how quickly management kicked the mom and kid out of the restaurant. (She had already been warmed by them to control her kid.) It ruined it for me, but the kids had fun after the drama was over. Oh and my daughter made quite the fashion statement on her birthday.

Mark's face cracks me up.

Yes that's her bathing suit cover up over her jeans and shirt.
That expression + the outfit = priceless

When we got home from lunch, Brett was home from work. She got to open her presents from us.

After present time, we put Mark and Molly in bed. Then we played a few rounds of Hi Ho Cherry-O and colored. I wanted her to rest for a little while so we made some popcorn and watch the beginning of The Lion King. We made it 2/3 of the way through the movie before we needed to leave to have her picture taken. I get all my kiddos pictures professionally taken for their birthday. And for once, this appointment went great! She posed and smiled like a little model.

And to top off our whirl wind day, we went to Famous Dave's for dinner. Brett had a free birthday dinner and kids eat for $.99 on Mondays so it was a bargain dinner, always a plus. Dinner was-well interesting. The twins were grumpy from not taking a nap since they decided to play instead of sleep. Plus we got to the restaurant after we normally eat so they were really hungry. Not exactly the night we were hoping for but thankfully our waitress was great and the food was fast and delicious.

Look at all that ice cream.

Thankfully she shared.

But Mark ate three bites and then he wanted his cookie.

We had a great time celebrating her birthday. And on Saturday we will have her Toy Story birthday party and we will get to celebrate again. Oh and this little video was my favorite part of the night. Please excuse my video footage as I picked up the keys for Mark. Isabella spent most of the day singing Happy Birthday to herself, so I just had to include this video.


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