Feb 7, 2012

S'mores-White Trash Style

One of the perks of living in Las Vegas is having Mt. Charleston less than 30 minutes away. In the winter we can go and play in the snow and in the summer we can escape the heat. We headed up to play in the snow a few weeks ago when Brett had a Friday off. We were excited to go up when there are very few people up there. 

See we had a huge play area to ourselves!

This was the best of the bunch-stinkers!

We are running up the "mountain"

Mark couldn't walk on the slippery snow, poor guy.
Since the sign was hard to read, I cropped the photo for you.
I didn't bother to read the sign until I downloaded the pictures.

Isabella decided to slide down on her tummy.
I told her that she would be cold but she didn't seem to care.

After we played for a while, we decided to make s'mores. Now we drove to every picnic site looking for an area where we could make s'mores over a fire. But apparently people don't like to picnic in the winter and all the sites where closed. So we made s'mores-white trash style.

Patiently waiting for smores.

Yep this is how we rolled.

For the record, this didn't work and we ate them cold. The kids didn't care, they loved them! It was a little tricky eating s'mores when the marshmallows don't melt, but have no fear, my kids ate about 3 each.

Of course I hate chocolate so I abstained from the s'mores.

Now just as we were about to set the kids loose to run some of the sugar off, when this happened.

We lost our precious spot to ourselves to two tour buses full of junior high kids. We left for a new spot before our kids got trampled. All in all it was a great morning! I'm really glad that we live so close to the mountains so we can enjoy nature and unplug once and a while.

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