Feb 28, 2012

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

If your kids are like mine they are crazy about Toy Story. Last November when I was planning Mark and Molly's Thing 1 and Thing 2 birthday party, Isabella announced that she wanted a Toy Story birthday party. I said OK and I thought she would change her mind a few times by February like most kiddos do. Well I underestimated the allure of Toy Story because she asked me every week if it was time for her Toy Story birthday party from Mid November to the end of February.

I will say that she picked an easy theme for me to work with. I spent next to nothing on this party since I did most of the work myself. From invitations to the food we came under $75. Not too bad considering how expensive birthday parties can be.

Decoration Ideas

I used three plastic table cloths to cover the wall in my kitchen. The logo was drawn and painted by yours truly on foam poster board and the clouds were cut on on printer paper. Two tips on the clouds-first fold two pieces of paper into thirds. This way you are cutting out 6 clouds at once-much faster. And two use a glue stick not tape to attach them to the table cloths. I realized about 2/3 through the process how much faster it would have been if I had a glue stick. The Etch A Sketch is the side of a cardboard box from Costco. We had most of the families pose with the Etch A Sketch before they left. We missed a few since kids tend to meltdown at the end of birthday parties.

Food Ideas

Queso (somehow I didn't get a picture it was Buzz's Queso Ole)
fruit salad
cheese balls

Jessie's Jumpin' Juice

Woody's Round Up Salad

Moon Rocks

Pizza Planet Pizza

Game Ideas
Since the kids are pretty little I only planned two games. Pin the mustache on Mr. Potato Head and throw a snake in a boot. I drew the Mr. Potato Head on brown wrapping paper which I got at the dollar store. I have most of the paper left over so it was a very cheap game to make. And I already own cowboy boots so I didn't feel the need to make one.

Cake Idea
Instead of making a cake I made make your own Mr. Potato Head cupcakes. They were a huge hit with the kids. And really what is more fun than decorating a cupcake with candy?

nose-Junior Mints
Mouth-cut Gummy Worms
Ears-cut sour belts
Yes we had tons of cupcakes!

Some kids just can't follow directions

Now if you're wondering how I pulled all that off under $75 I will tell you that the dollar store is your best friend when it comes to birthday parties. The table clothes, plates, forks, napkins, wrapping paper and foam board were all purchased at the dollar store. And I also found Toy Story Puzzles there which I gave to the kids instead of goodie bags. Personally, I would much rather take home a puzzle than a bag of candy and toys that cost a fortune to put together. I also watched for cake mix and frosting to go on sale so it cost $2.75 to make 48 cupcakes. And since WalMart matches any advertised price I bought my fruit there and choose fruit that was the deal of the week at each store.

The party was a huge hit and Isabella had a blast! She said and I'm quoting here "my mommy takes such good care of me and gave the best birthday party ever!" I'm so glad she loved her party!


  1. AWESOME! Really, there is nothing more to say but....AWESOME!!!

  2. What a fun party, love the toy story theme! How fun the Mr. Potato head cupcakes was a great idea. Thanks for sharing your #DisneySide with us.

  3. You really did a fabulous job with your theme. I totally love the photo backdrop.

  4. These are just fantastic birthday party ideas. I am totally in love with these ideas. I also have to host a grand party at some local Seattle venues for my daughter’s birthday bash. I also need some ideas for DIY frozen themed birthday bash.


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