Mar 6, 2012

Cup Training-Not For the Faint of Heart

Cup training my girls was a breeze. I gave them cups of water to practice in the bathtub since the water that spills doesn't make a mess. It took a couple of weeks for them to get the hang of it and then everything was fine.

Cup training Mark is a whole other story. These are the moments in life where Cerebral Palsy rears it's ugly head. Mark's major OT goals are to learn how to self feed. We have been working on using a fork and spoon with a little success. But drinking from a cup after months of practice is not going well. He chokes on water or milk, so I have to use something thicker for him to practice with.  I normally mix a little milk and yogurt together. Here are some pictures from yesterday's practice session.

"I didn't put my hand in the cup"

"Making a mess sure is fun!"

"I can see you mommy"

"I can't believe you thought I would keep that bib on! Silly Mommy!"

I got it!

He'll get it one day, but until then I'm keeping Lysol in business with the amount of wipes we go through.

1 comment:

  1. Cute! How old is your son Mark?

    My daughter will drink juice, water from a cup, but milk...she still wants her bottle! Going to be 3 in May...but its a battle I just cannot win!


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