Mar 3, 2012

Everything Romance Review

Everything Romance

It's not a secret that couples with multiples have a high rate of divorce. And to add insult to injury the rate is even higher for couples with special needs children. Knowing these two statistics has made Brett and  I very intentional in our marriage. We have date night every week (We've only missed 1 week in over 2 years!) and we read devotionals together to stay connected. So when I saw the book Everything Romance I knew that I had to read it!

You can read an excerpt from the book on Waterbrook Multnomah's website.

This is great book and it's an easy pick up and put down book. Which is perfect for this busy mom who rarely can read more than one chapter at a time. There is a little bit of everything in the book. You will find date night ideas, recipes, gift ideas on every budget, and love stories. My favorite page was the top five guys pick up lines in church. It just made me laugh-maybe a little too hard. I also loved the conversation starters section. It's a great way to shake things up a little and talk about something other than the kiddos.

I really liked this book since it had a variety of things for couples to do. So many relationship books focus on one area, but this one hits many areas. I really like that it is a fun book to read with your spouse. The trivia was Brett's favorite part. He likes knowing random things that most people don't know.

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You can buy this book directly from the publisher Waterbrook Multnomah. The book sells for $9.99 which is a great price for a hard cover book!

Disclaimer-I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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  1. Hats off to you for being intentional. We have been married nearly 18 years and have never had a regular date night. We just prefer to stay at home, not that we never go out but it is a rare thing as my mom is in Canada and his mom is 79. Now that we have teens it's easy to just get them to take the younger children to the basement for a movie while we watch our own movie in peace. I don't like leaving my girls with the whole crew of eight, it's a lot for me to manage let alone anyone else!

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