Mar 8, 2012

House Rules-What are Yours?

I am a recovering teacher. If you went into our small attic you will find evidence of my former profession. On Sunday I ventured into the small attic to get some new picture books down for the kiddos. While I was there, I decided to go down memory lane and look through my boxes of stuff. And then I found a poster board that got me thinking. It was my class rules. I had three-I like to keep things simple. And I really think I need to apply the first two rules in my house. I'll leave my third rule to the classroom since raising your hand doesn't apply at home. Well my home at least.

Rule #1 Be Nice
This one applies every where in life, just be nice. Easy right? Whenever my students were being rude I would say "rule number one" and they would shout "be nice!" and usually the behavior would stop. I wonder if I can train my kids to be nice after I shout out rule number one? Or at the very least if I could train them to stop hitting each other when they hear rule number one?

Rule #2 Do It the First Time
I HATE REPEATING MYSELF! Thankfully I rarely repeat myself since my children are perfectly behaved and always listen. Yeah if you're buying that I have some ocean front property in Las Vegas for sale. Right now I'm dreaming of kids that listen the first time.....but until then this rule sounds pretty good.

Do you have house rules? How are they working if you do?


  1. Lol. I love your house rules! I had to laugh over the raising your hand thing. It isn't something I have ever introduced but my girls started it by themselves in the car. Strange, but hey it works for them.

    My two car rules (on the same lines) are 'don't tell other people's news' and 'tell one thing and then it is the next persons turn' until everyone has said everything. Minimises fights and I get to enjoy their news instead of just ending up grumpy!

  2. Ooh, I think "Be Nice" is a perfect house rule! My girls keep hitting each other too. It would be great to get them to stop by training them that they have to follow the house rules. I would much rather have them yell out "be nice" than smack their sibling in the head. Brilliant! Let me know how it goes!
    Right now our only real house rules that we follow consistently are:
    1) Always say please, and, 2) If you hit, you are going in time out. I am ALWAYS open to new and creative suggestions!

  3. My 3 class rules in every grade level I've taught. They work everywhere. :)

    1. Respect Others.

    2. Respect Property.

    3. Respect Yourself.


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