Mar 28, 2012

My Backyard is my Saving Grace

There are days that I'm so unbelievably thankful that I live in a house with a backyard. Now my yard is tiny compared to the rest of the country. For some reason, Las Vegas thinks it's running out of land and the builders give us these itty bitty yards. But my yard is big compared to some people so I'm thankful that there is at least some room out there to play.

Why is it my saving grace? Because there are days that my kids are so hyper and they have way too much energy. On these days I send them outside to play. What would I do without a backyard???
Last year we put up a patio cover and bought the kids a water table. The kids loved the water table and I was so sad to see it go away last fall. This year we bought a swing set for the kids. I'm so excited about this new addition to our backyard. Not only did I get it on sale and with a $100 off coupon (gotta love saving money on something you're going to buy anyway) but it's big and it will grow with my kids.

I will say that it's not the best swing set out there, but considering I spent $400, it's pretty darn good. I had some big helpers from my brother and two of his friends one day. And I had little helpers the rest of the time while Brett and I finished the swing set. 

They put all the pieces in piles for us.
They kept moving the piles from one side of the yard to the other.

Mom, I totally can pick this up.

We are almost done putting it up. There are just a few pieces left to put on. There will be a desk next to the slide and a chalk board in the clubhouse.

The kids can already play on it, though Mark hasn't ventured on yet. He is still a little scared and it takes him a while to get comfortable with new things. As soon as I invest the time to help him climb all over it for a few hours, he'll quit being scared. But this morning the girls went outside and played for 2 hours! They begged me to go outside first thing in the morning and asked to go out again after lunch.

I predict this is going to be the best investment of our money for a toy. And between the water table and the swing set, my kids are going to spend hours outside this spring and summer.

I can't wait!!


  1. Nice! Plus you have that great weather in Las Vegas. In winter, I always feel bad for those living in the cold northeast. One mom of twins wrote me to say she couldn't get out of her apartment with her infant twins because she lived on the third floor with NO ELEVATOR. I couldn't imagine!


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