Mar 29, 2012

The Nerve of My Kid

When Isabella turned 18 months old I was pregnant with twins. So when she decided that she had to dress herself and would only wear clothes that she picked out, I decided that I had better battles to pick. She has been dressing herself since then. I know not to buy clothes without her along. She will outright refuse to wear something if she doesn't like it. And she comes up with some strange combinations.

Today I wore something a little dressier than my usual jeans and shirt. I was feeling pretty cute until my four year old decided to come along and be rude. Well truth be told I'm still feeling pretty cute, but I can't believe the nerve of that child. She told me that my shirt looked funny since it had holes in it. And then she wanted to know why I was wearing two shirts. Hmm funny since that kid wears two shirts almost everyday that it's cold since she wants to wear her short sleeved shirts. And for the record, I'd like to know how this normally sweet little four year old can judge my clothes when she wears the most interesting outfits. 

I actually think this was a cute outfit that she put together
but it's proof that she wears two shirts all the time.

You wear a bathing suit cover up over your clothes right?

A dress paired with jeans is a biweekly occurrence in this house.

Rain boots and an Easter dress?

For months we went everywhere with her bathing suit around her neck and it's matching hat.

I finally threw the tutu away since it got so ratty and dingy from being worn everyday.

You know what annoys me the most? I know that this kid will become a teenager and she'll be required by law to roll her eyes at my style and tell me everything that I wear is ugly.

I thought I had a few years before I heard from the peanut gallery about my fashion sense. Clearly I was wrong.


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