Mar 16, 2012

Technical Difficulties Confessions


I confess....
My stupid computer got a virus on Sunday.

I confess....
I think there is going to be a special level of hell for the people who get their kicks creating computer viruses. Is your life really that sad that you need to cost me time and money to make yourself feel better?

I confess....
It occurred to me this week that as much as our society relies on technology, we know NOTHING about it. Very few people can actually fix their computer, phone, etc when it gets sick.

I confess....
I felt naked without my computer all week.

I confess....
Do you know how much extra time I had without my blogging habit sucking my time away from me?

I confess....
Thankfully I have my computer back so I can get my daily fix again.

Wait, what are the signs of addiction again?

1 comment:

  1. oh yeah, seriously what do they get out of doing this? makes me crazy!!

    glad your computer is fixed!

    thanks for linking up.


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