Apr 16, 2012

Extreme Couponing Jealousy

I have a morbid fascination with certain show that either gross me out or have people in them that I find a little disturbing. One of these shows is Extreme Couponing. I'll admit that I watch the show and I judge the people for buying 100 bags of croutons because really who needs a 100 bags of croutons? Having a 100 bags of croutons on hand is my definition of hoarding.

But then I was watching the show last week and I realized that perhaps I should stop thinking of the people on Extreme couponing as hoarders and more like planners. I watched getting very jealous of their stock piles. And not because they spent very little on the food and household items (although that is pretty awesome) but because they always have food at their fingertips. And given my family's current situation that sounds a little like Heaven to me.

You see lately I've been shopping on a tight budget. So I've been buying exactly what we need for the week. So on Friday when Brett was laid off and we became a no income family, I thought about all the things we don't have. Staples that we are low on or completely out of that I was planning on buying this week. (Why do you run out of everything at once?) I imagined how good it would feel to just go out and "shop" in my garage and not have the pressure of putting food on the table.

And the more I watched the more jealous that I became. Brett is out of body wash and shampoo and then they showed a lady with 50 bottles of shampoo. One lady had 50 packets of hot dogs and another had 20 gallons of milk in her freezer and the jealousy got deeper. I kept thinking how these extreme couponers are prepared for the worst. If their husbands lose their jobs, they are set. Have you seen how much food these stockpiles have in them?

I finally turned off the TV and decided that feeling sorry for myself and jealous of these families was not a productive use of my time. I am putting my faith where it belongs and I'm going to focus on what I have instead of what I don't have. And to make this a little easier on me, I'm not going to watch Extreme Couponing until he gets a job. There is no need to tempt myself.


  1. I am completely in the same boat as you, we're always having to buy just enough to "get us by" not stock up on things. I am sooo jealous of ppl with cupboards and pantries filled with anything and a few of each of them. Must be comforting... if a disaster happens I don't even think I would have enough saved up to feed everyone. I want to get into canning this summer.... maybe that will help.

  2. I'm so sorry you are having such a financially hard time. My husband works, but his pay doesn't even pay all of our bills so it is a constant juggle. He gets payed bi-weekly and I grocery shop to last until the next paycheck. Food, Toilet Paper, Medicine, Shampoo, Razors, soap, laundry detergent, dish soap, etc, for a family of four all come out of the grocery money which is always less than $100. I have learned to use coupons so that I can get everything we need on this super tight budget. No snack, or extras, just what we need. When things get financially better I will be starting a small stockpile of my own. Not crazy just some extras. On the weeks where I only have $40 to get groceries with God always makes it work. It amazes me every time. ust know he will take care of you, even if it seems impossible!

  3. We have to shop for only the essentials as well. It's hard to only get what you need, and it does seem as if you run out of things at the same time or at the worst times! I have recently been home on maternity leave. I started trying to coupon. I am nowhere near an extreem couponer, but I have learned a few things and saved some money. It is time consuming though. Hang in there. Hope things turn around for your family.


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