Apr 3, 2012

My Twins are Trying to Kill Me

Who Us?

My son loves to pull his pants off. In fact on more than one occasion we have been somewhere and Mark just pulls his pants down in the middle of the room. It's pretty charming and it makes me laugh.

But when the diaper started coming off with the pants, the laughter stopped! Last week the little stinker took off his diaper during his nap on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. He then proceeded to pee and on one wonderful day poop everywhere. Can you see why I stopped laughing?

I finally remembered to get some duct tape to keep his diaper closed on Thursday. Score one for mommy!

So on Thursday after his nap I walk into his room and I'm laughing! You can tell that he tried very hard to get his diaper off but the duct tape did not allow that to happen. And I'll admit it, I got cocky! I mocked my son's efforts to get his diaper off. I was so proud of myself for finally stopping this problem. Though in reality, I shouldn't have taken much credit for it since Mark is not my first kid to take off their diaper during naptime. I nicknamed Isabella the dipaer bandit when she was 1.

And then I noticed something horrible 

What the %@*@??? How is there a diaper on the floor?

And then I slowly turn my just moments before mocking head to Molly's crib and there she is.....a naked Molly. (I kinda feel like I deserved it since I was mocking Mark) I'm pretty sure that this is how the conversation went on between Mark and Molly.

Mark-UGH! Mollwee I can't get my diaper off!

Molly-What do you mean? You have to get your diaper off so you can pee everywhere and get mommy one day closer to her nervous breakdown.

Mark-It's the silver stuff she put on my diaper. I can't get it off!

Molly-Well pull harder, haven't you seen the look on mommy's face when she discovers your diaper on the floor? It's the highlight of my day.

Mark-I can't get it off!!! What are we going to do?

Molly-OK fine, I'll take one for the team. The thought of being covered in pee doesn't sound appealing to me like it does for you. But I understand that we need to make mom a little nutty. So I've got the perfect solution! I'll take my diaper off and pee everywhere while I sleep. That way mommy still has to clean sheets for the fifth day in a row! I'm telling you Mark this will be legendary!

Mark-All right Mollwee we'll go with your plan. We've outsmarted our mommy once again!
Haha! Mommy, we got you again!

You don't really believe that I would do something like this would you?
Look how sweet I appear to the untrained eye!


  1. OYE! They are definitely trying to drive you nuts!! Mine haven't figured out how to take their diapers off yet, but I really think it's just a matter of time!
    I'd read from other mommas to put the diapers on backwards...I'm guessing you've already tried that though. Duct tape sounded like an excellent suggestion to me! Guess you'll just be duct taping on TWO diapers each naptime now! =)

  2. Haha!!!

    Duct tape! Genius!

    And... ohmygosh, the poo in the middle of nap is one of my worst fears. :)

    GREAT post!

  3. I can well imagine what happens in your home! Total drama every minute! Hugs my friend....I have friends who have twins and the horror stories they tell me....its best kept a secret!


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