Apr 13, 2012

Turns Out Friday the 13th Does Suck

Today started out so good. My kids were going to my friend Ashley's house for the morning so I could get some much needed Allison time. I planned on going shopping at Macy's since I have some store credit there, and really what is better than shopping for free? I got two new shirts and quite possibly the world's most comfortable flip flops. No really they have memory foam in the soles so it's like walking on a cloud.

I was unsure about a pair of shoes so I sent my husband a picture of them to get his opinion. When he didn't respond I was annoyed but had decided that they were uncomfortable so I didn't really need his opinion. And as I got in my car to leave I got this text.

Sorry I was in a conversation that I couldn't get out of. Call me asap :(

My stomach sank and my first thought was uh oh, he lost his job. Since construction is slowing down in Las Vegas and he hasn't been with the company very long it was a logical jump to conclusion. And as it turns out, it was also the correct assumption. My heart sank.

So once again for the second time in a year we are a no income family. We've been here before and we got through it and we'll get through it again. It just sucks! There is no other word for it.


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