Apr 17, 2012

ZeroWater Pitcher Review and Giveaway

ZeroWater Filters
Living in Las Vegas has a few perks. You can grocery shop at 2 am if you feel the need to be out in the middle of the night. And there is always a restaurant open, regardless of the time of day or night. Of course there are some downsides to living here and one of them is our water quality. Not only is our water hard, but there is a lot of extras in our water that doesn’t belong. This is the reason why I jumped at the chance to review the ZeroWater Pitcher.
About ZeroWater Pitcher
The ZeroWater Pitcher uses an ion water filter that brings bottled water quality water to your tap water. A ZeroWater Pitcher will remove all the TDS (total dissolved solids) from your water. The FDA requires that bottled water have a TDS reading of 000. The ZeroWater Pitcher will also give your water a reading of 000. TDS readings vary throughout the country, you can check yours at http://www.zerowater.com.
My Review
Before I tried the ZeroWater pitcher out, I used the included TDS meter. I was shocked to see the reading for my tap water at 441! I knew my water was bad from reading my annual water report but seeing a number made me realize just how bad my water is. Next I poured a cup of water from my fridge which has a water filter on it. I’m not sure what it is filtering out since my TDS reading was 394. I get that it’s an improvement, but that number is way too high. Especially when you consider that the national average TDS level is 240!
I assembled the pitcher (read the directions, I did it wrong the first time) and I started to fill my ZeroWater Pitcher. I will warn you that it fills very slowly. I had to turn on my faucet on the lowest setting so it didn’t spill over. And while I wish it filled faster, I also understand that it takes some time to filter out all the junk (chlorine, lead, zinc etc) from my water.

I didn’t want to wait until it was full, so I poured a glass to check if my reading was 000. And it was! I couldn’t believe how good it tasted! I did a side by side comparison of my fridge water and the zero water and my fridge water tasted gross. Plus you could see the floaters in my fridge water which is something that I got used to but I’m not sure why. After I put some ice in my water my reading went up to 67 instantly. I made a mental note to pull out my ice cube trays so I could freeze some ice cubes from the pitcher.
The ZeroWater Pitcher is large, but it fits nicely on my top shelf. And I absolutely love the fact that it has a spout on the bottom of the pitcher so you can easily pour a glass of water. The pitcher is a little heavy when it’s full so it’s nice to not have to tip it to fill a glass of water. Visit ZeroWater’s website or Facebook page to learn more the water pitcher.

Buy It
You can buy the ZeroWater Pitcher directly through their website. ZeroWater has offered all my readers a 30% discount so you can have bottled water quality water in your fridge as well. You can also buy a ZeroWater Filter at mass merchants.
Win It
Two lucky readers will win a ZeroWater Pitcher! This contest is open to US residents only. Use the rafflecopter form to enter.

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Disclaimer-I have received a ZeroWater pitcher and filters to facilitate my review. All opinions are mine.


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