May 24, 2012

Speech Problems with Twins

In November I took Molly to Early Intervention for her speech problems. The lovely women there told me that Molly does not have a speech problem. According to them she has a mother problem. They told me that Molly doesn't talk because she doesn't have room to talk in my home. With an older sister who is needy (they have some nerve huh?) who wants so much of my attention and a brother with special needs, she clearly isn't talking because we are not spending enough time with her.

To my credit, I picked up my belongings and grabbed my kids and walked out of there. I did not tell them off or say one single thing on my mind. I did call my husband and tell him everything I would have said to those witches with a capital B had our children not been in the room.

We are working on Molly's speech on our own and we are planning on taking her to Child Find when she's three to be evaluated by people who will actually evaluate my kid instead of judging her mother. I took this video on Mother's Day of my girls singing.

Sorry the video is a little bouncy since we were in the car. I love that she resang the last few verses since she couldn't quite remember how to finish the song.

Is it bad that I want to send them this video and ask them if they still think I'm a bad mom or if they're willing to admit now that my daughter has a speech problem?


  1. Sometimes therapy requires MORE therapy!!! Terrible. I think you're a great mom! How old are the twins again??

    The singing was awesome BTW! :)

  2. Good for you for walking out of there without saying anything! I'm pretty sure I would have said bad words in front of my children!

    I'm sending this link to my blog buddy is also a speech pathologist and is also an amazing mom of twins who are 3ish. I'm very interested in hearing what she has to say.

    There is definitely a huge difference in their language development. I don't know what the normal range is, but I'd want a second opinion so that I could get her into some early intervention if it's needed.

    My girls are almost two, and I worry a lot about their speech. I think they are developing ok, but I just worry because I've heard that delays are common in twins.

    Delay or not, that video is seriously adorable!

  3. OK, my speech path friend says that it's hard to tell because she is singing, but that she'd get a 2nd opinion. She said that a good rule of thumb is that you should be able to figure out 70% of what she's saying (at 3).

  4. Wow! I'm shocked that 1) They actually said these things to you and 2) That despite their 'thoughts' that they didn't do an evaluation. I would think that there has to be some sort of a law that would at least require an evaluation because the parent requested one. Good for you for keeping your head held high and walking on out of there. My hubby would have gotten a ranting phone call as well! I'm so sorry that poor Molly is the one who is losing out, though no fault of yours!

    1. They did an eval, but they claimed to hear sounds that she wasn't making and she didn't qualify. When I took in Isabella for her eval the appointment was almost 2 hours, I was out of Molly's in 45 mins. They did the min and then sent me on my way.


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