Jun 14, 2012

Thanks for the Memory

When I have a teenager on my hands who drives me nuts with her attitude and erratic behavior I want to remember the sweet little girl Isabella was at 4. Specifically, what a funny little girl she is and how her mind works.

Isabella loves drinking my coffee. Well my twins do too, but this story is not about them. We are in the middle of potty training hell the twins. I left my coffee in the bathroom this morning and promptly forgot about it. Isabella found it this afternoon when she went potty during naptime and finished it for me.

Me-Oh I see you finished my coffee.
Isabella-Yes I did, can we make more?
Me-No baby, coffee is a drink just for grown ups.
Isabella-But I could help you make it. I'll get the sugar and we'll stir it and blow some bubbles into it. And I'll put it in the oven really quietly so I don't wake up Molly. And then we'll have RAINBOW coffee and I'll be a RAINBOW princess. And we'll drink some really yummy rainbow coffee.
Me-(laughing) Well that would be pretty cool, but coffee isn't made in the oven.
Isabella-Oh yeah, I forgot. Well then let's go make some in the pot on the counter.
Me-Nice try, back to bed kiddo.

Hahahahaha, that kid cracks me up. I just love the way her little mind works. Thanks for the memory Belly!


  1. Oh so precious!!! And good lord, please post about potty training the twins soon. I.am.dreading.it.

  2. Oh so cute!!! I just love the adorable things kids say and do!


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