Jun 26, 2012

Things Said in My House This Week

It's official, someone if not all five of us have been sick for a week straight now. This had lead to some interesting conversations and statements in my house this week.

Me-Isabella cover your cough! (Said a million times this week to every kid)
Isabella coughs again and uses her sister to cover her cough.
Me- Use your elbow not your sister to cover your cough!!
Isabella-oh, OK

Brett- Do you mind if I skip baths tonight?
Me- I don't care if you give them crack as long as it means I can go rest.

Me- What is wrong with you? Just sit down and watch the movie and stop playing.

This is what I wanted them to do

Doctor-It's not something secondary; your son caught a cold after the last virus went away.
Me-Are you sure? We didn't go anywhere last week so we weren't exposed. (Don't you love that I questioned the guy who went to medical school?)
Doctor-Well you came here so you were exposed.
Me-Blank stare while thinking $%#&*( $&*#*# $*#&*#*$

Brett-Come on Mark, you need a new diaper.
Me-It can wait; he's getting in the bath in 20 mins.
Brett-(shows me his diaper and yes we had a crack dealer on our hands)
Me-Pull it up, it'll last 20 mins. (And it did!)

Isabella-My sneezes hurt my tummy.
Molly-My turn! (At the eye doctor)
Me-No only Mark is seeing the doctor today.
Molly-My turn! (Turns to the doctor) I have a cough. (I think she missed the eye part of the doctor)

Me-Mommy is sick Bells. Can we just watch TV?
Isabella-I'll give you a hug. Hugs make people feel better.

And I saved what I can remember in my cold haze state for last.

As Mark's physical therapist was leaving Isabella screams out that she wants to say goodbye too. She flew out of the bathroom with her panties around her ankles and her dress hiked up under her armpits. As soon as I see her I close my eyes and slap my hand on my forehead.

Isabella-Bye see you soon.
PT-Bye (she hardly got the word out since she was laughing so hard)
Isabella-I gotta go finish pooping now.

And she turned around and went back into the bathroom. There are no words!


  1. Oh my . . . I can't stop laughing and envisioning Isabella walking out of the potty! Oh too funny.
    If it makes you feel any better my kids haven't been sick, but in the past 48 hours we have been to the ER, the dentist, and the eye doctor. Oh and last week we were at the pediatrician for a mysterious rash. UGGG!

  2. LOL, this was funny and Isabella was right what she said about hugs, they do make people feel better.


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