Jul 26, 2012

Chalk City Giveaway

Chalk City Activity Kit

Do your kids love sidewalk chalk? I don't know what it is about sidewalk chalk, but my kids will play with it for hours. I like sidewalk chalk since it's an outdoor activity and I like my kids to be outside as much as possible.

I was sent a Chalk City activity kit to review and giveaway. My kids were very excited to see all the stencils and new chalk! I flipped through the included activity book and saw several great ideas for kids of all ages. Which brings me to my favorite aspect of this toy-it will be something that my kids play with for years to come! There are games for older kids and obstacle course for younger kids.

I started off by making an obstacle course for my kids. Since they are pretty young, I made a short course. They loved it and took turns going through the course and then running back to the beginning and starting all over again. This lasted for about 20 minutes!

Molly and Isabella going through the course.

"I did it!"

My husband had a great time using the road maker to make the kids a path way and a huge circle to jump in and out of the "boat." The circle became a boat after the kids decided that the roadway was a dock and so naturally the circle had to be a boat. You just have to love that imagination!

After I made the obstacle course I did something that I'm pretty sure the manufacturer did not have in mind when they made the stencils. My kids are not allowed to go past the mail box one way and past the realtor sign the opposite way. They aren't exactly the best listeners when it comes to this rule, so I took the stop sign stencils to reinforce my rule. It worked like a champ, thanks Chalk City!

Buy It

This is a great toy for your kids! I know that we will get more use out of this once it cools off in the fall. I love that I live in a city where my kids get to play with summer toys almost all year long! You can purchase Chalk City on Amazon or at local toy stores. You can find a location on Chalk City's website.

Win It

One lucky reader will win the same Chalk City activity kit that I received. This contest is open to US residents and only entries on the Rafflecopter form will count.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer-I received a the kit pictured above in exchange for this review. No further compensation was provided and all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. My kids LOVE sidewalk chalk. It's such a fun and affordable activity!

  2. I always wanted to play with sidewalk chalk as a kid but we never had it. I love letting my girls play with it now!

  3. Oh I love this! My kids will go crazy with it : )

  4. I would love the Road Maker. The kids like to make roads and this would be perfect!

  5. My kids will like being creative and making up games to play

  6. They would love the Obstacle Course Stencils.

  7. My son took a safety town camp this summer, so I think he'll really enjoy making the traffic signs!


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